How to Get Free Shipping
On Selected Products to Selected Locations

This Article Explains in Detail the 3 Different Ways you can get Free Shipping for ONLINE Orders (*Conditions Apply):

1. *Free Shipping for *All online orders over $300 to Victoria, Australia. (*Bulky Orders over 999kg do not qualify)

*Any order to anywhere in Australia MUST have all items with the Prefix/es in the Product Codes starting with "Barr-" & the order is over $300.

3. *Any order to anywhere in Australia with all "numerical (only) Product Codes" & the order is over $300 (for example Product Code:12345).

Phone & Email orders will incur shipping costs at cost.

Some items on our website are not free because they are bulky &/or heavy &/or the ship to location is very remote... For example: A small pallet load of bundled items to Sydney could cost us $50 whereas that same small pallet of goods to a mine in remote WA, Qld or N.T. could cost us over $1,000... Therefore, on occasions, Advanced Group will often charge you the same amount the courier charges us.

At this stage FedEx is the only freight company in Australia thus far that can integrate "live freight costs" for our whole online inventory to their freight cost tables so that our website can calculate "live (actual) freight costs however Fedex is expensive in Australia..." In the near future there will be Australian freight companies like Star Track that will catch up with their online calculators to integrate with all online stores however at this stage such a facility does not exist so most retail companies add the price of the freight into the price of the product, which might be fine when buying one or multiple of one type of item; but not when you're bundling various different types of items into the one transaction...

*CONDITIONS: Advanced Group must turn a profit in order to stay solvent therefore Advanced Group reserves the right to withdraw the free shipping from any/all orders if the order/s would result in a loss.
*Advanced Group currently has more than 30,000 products online so keeping up with the logistics of ensuring that every product can qualify for potential free shipping can be quite complicated. We apologise if we cause any inconvenience or confusion relating to our proposed potential free shipping offer/s.